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Listed below are the different rates for all of the services we provide.

If you have discussed your balance due with one of our staff members, please insert the agreed upon amount into the payment field.

*Please note: reservations are not confirmed until a non-refundable 50% security deposit has been received.

A.S.E.S. Certificate

Deposit: $1,222.00

Final Payment: $1,222.00

Total Package: $2,444.00

Scenic Tours

Hourly Rate- $625.00/hr


1-Hour Tour Deposit: $312.50

1-Hour Tour Final Payment: $312.50

Total: $625.00


1.5-Hour Tour Deposit: $468.75

1.5 Hour Tour Final Payment: $468.75

Total: $937.50


2-Hour Tour Deposit: $625.00 

2-Hour Tour Final Payment: $625.00

Total: $1,250.00

Bear Viewing Tours

2 passengers: $2,070.00 per passenger

3 passengers: $1,380.00 per passengers

C-185 Air Charter

Hourly Rate – $720.00/hr


1-Hour Flight Deposit: $360.00

1-Hour Flight Final Payment: $360.00

Total: $720.00

C-172 Air Charter

Hourly Rate – $450.00/hr


1-Hour Flight Deposit: $225.00

1-Hour Flight Final Payment: $225.00

Total: $450.00